WP4. Phage-based biopurification

Basic information

Lead partner: KUL/QIB
Participation: UW, TUD

WP goals

Identification, characterization, selection of phages and production of phages cocktails targeting wastewater-borne ARB, especially ESKAPE pathogens.

Specific tasks

4.1. Creation of extended ESKAPE phage collection.
4.2. Characterization of phages for bioremediation.
4.3. Development of qPCR assays for phage monitoring.
4.4. Development of application-ready phage cocktail.


M5. Development of phage cocktails targeting ESKAPE pathogens and optimized for ARB bioremediation.


D10. Extended collection of ~50 phages covering the ESKAPE pathogens and high quality phage genome annotations.
D11. Development of the PhageLand BioBank (15-20 phages).
D12. Design of qPCR primers and probes for BioBank phages testing.
D13. Standard Operation Procedures (SOP) for the application of phage cocktails.
D14. Application-ready phage cocktail and assessment on the effectiveness of phage cocktails for the removal of target ARBs.