WP7. Dissemination

Basic information

Lead partner: all partners
Participation: all partners

WP goals

To disseminate results of PhageLand to the scientific community, stakeholders (environmental protection agencies, wastewater management companies), policy makers, academia, and lay audiences.

Specific tasks

7.1. Organization of project meetings.
7.2. Communication with stakeholders.
7.3. Outreach to academia and general public.


M8. Engagement of stakeholders from partner countries and Eastern European LMICs for the implementation of the PhageLand technology in wastewater treatment.


D22. Training workshops on the analysis of metagenomes/metaviromes for the analysis of antibiotic resistance in environmental settings.
D23. Training workshops on the isolation and propagation of phages for the specific removal of bacterial pathogens.
D24. Dissemination of project results to scientific community as well as professional and lay audiences.
D25. Dissemination of project results to wastewater management companies and policy makers from Eastern European LMICs.