WP6. Proof of concept

Basic information

Lead partner: TUD/UW
Participation: ICRA, QIB

WP goals

i) to test phage therapy on microbial communities containing ARB in well-controlled bioreactors at wet lab; ii) to develop a pilot scale passive treatment system (i.e., constructed wetland) and test the phage-based biotechnology developed for the removal of ARB/ARGs under real operation conditions; iii) to up-scale the CW technology with calculation of its cost effectiveness and operational capacity; and iv) to evaluate the long-term effect of phages on CW functioning as well as the structure of the microbiome and resistome of CWs.

Specific tasks

6.1. Construction of scaled-up pilot plant.
6.2. Assessment of biopurification.


M7. Construction of the scaled-up pilot plant fully operating under real environmental conditions.


D18. SOP describing the optimal configuration and operational conditions of the pilot plant.
D19. Assessment on the removal of nutrients and chemical pollutants (antibiotic residues) by the pilot plant.
D20. Assessment on the removal of biological pollutants (ARB and ARGs) under real conditions.
D21. Assessment on the effectiveness of the phage intervention for the removal of ARB and ARG under real conditions.